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Embark on a sonic journey like no other with CURED SOUNDS Series Vol.2, a masterpiece diligently sculpted by the trailblazing CURE97. This sequel not only honors but elevates the legacy of our debut collection, setting new standards in the realm of sound design. The first installment of the CURE97 Sample Pack has already etched its mark in the annals of bass music, receiving accolades from the genre's titans such as Subtronics, Ivory, Ekali, Samplifire TYNAN, Moore Kismet, Dr Ozi, Mr. Bill, Dirty Audio, and Skybreak. With Vol.2, CURE97 aspires to not just ride the wave of this acclaim but to push the boundaries further, crafting an auditory experience that resonates with innovation, versatility, and depth.

CURED SOUNDS Series Vol.2 is not merely a continuation but an evolution, offering over 1000+ meticulously selected sounds that pave the way for groundbreaking tracks. This collection is brimming with sonic treasures.

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Preview sounds from Cured Sounds Vol.2

LACS CURE97 Vocals 1234
LACS CURE97 Basses OneShot Gun Cmin 5
LACS CURE97 FX Downlifters 11
LACS CURE97 FX Uplifter 18
LACS CURE97 Melody Loops 99BPM RGB Chops
LACS CURE97 Melody Loops 105BPM BMIN Piano
LACS CURE97 Basses Reese Uniquereese long
LACS CURE97 BuildUp 145BPM
LACS CURE97 BuildUp 140BPM


CURE97 Blends his love for hip hop and his love for bass music seamlessly to create this massive pack not for the feint of heart, delivering unprecedented creativity and freshness to an ever growing sea of cookie cutter content.


Melody & Drop Loops

This pack contains insane melodies and drop loops that just work, required little to no tweaking before they're usable in most productions. Developed a new style with these samples quickly and efficiently.


Mature Sound

It's hard to create EDM nowadays that isn't cheesy or bordering unusable, this pack contains very mature sounds fit for a veteran and newcomers looking for a serious sound with no funny business.


Glitches & FX

Every pack needs it's fair share of effects to spice up and fill out a production, this pack is no exception, crafted specifically to elevate everything from your drums to your transitions, there is something for everything.

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