Pursuit Of Flame - Premium Sample Collection

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Pursuit of Flame - a sample pack encompassing the soundscapes inspired by one of dance music's greatest legends, Skrillex. As producers and song writers alike, we've all been influenced by the works of Skrillex and that same influence continues today. As his sound matured, so has ours, and we've decided to create this pack with that very maturity in mind. Above all, this pack was created to pay homage to the artist who has made a massive impact on the artform and community that is so dear to us all. With over 600 samples that accumulate to 1.49GB, the Pursuit of Flame Sample Pack enables creators to write music with cleanliness and high energy in a matter of minutes. The pack includes 50 kicks, 63 snares, 31 claps, 50 percs and heaps more in order to ensure that creators get the most value possible.

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LA POF Vox FX VocSweep 150
LA POF Drop Loop Lightrz Fm 150
LA POF Perc Loop Goodboi 145
LA POF Build Power 124
LA POF Perc Loop Lovr 150
LA POF Drum Loop Like This 125
LA POF Drum Loop Latin Fyre 100
LA POF Vox FX VocSweep G 140
LA POF Unique FX Gun Cyber 2
LA POF 808 7 C
LA POF Unique FX SynthBar F
LA POF Drum Loop House Latin 125
LA POF 808 11 F
LA POF 808 5 D
LA POF Unique FX Disco
LA POF Bass Oneshot Flex C
LA POF Bass Oneshot Statement C
LA POF Bass Oneshot FM1 C

Drum Loops

Its all about hard hitting and groovy production with this collection, the foundation for a good track is good drums!


Melody Loops

cutting-edge musical elements designed to infuse your compositions with the raw energy and signature sound of EDM Heavyweights.


Drop Loops

You'll find an array of thunderous basslines, and blistering synth sequences. Each loop has been meticulously engineered to capture the explosive essence of Skrillex's new sound.


Vocal Array

Evocative Vocals for dark and beautiful dance music

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