CURED SOUNDS - Lights Pack

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We are excited to finally present 'LIGHTS'; the 2nd release on CURED SOUNDS, made by our very own David Feldman. This pack was formulated with the intention of versatility, whilst retaining David Feldman's signature style and colorful sound. Top-quality samples make it possible to generate your ideas quicker, giving you a powerful tool that we're extremely confident in. Just in the same way that each of our packs have been designed to be extremely useful resources for music producers, the David Feldman Sample Pack was no different!

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    Preview sounds from the Lights Pack

    LA CS Lights Vocals BASS 2
    LA CS Lights Atmos TheLight Cmin
    LA CS Lights TapeStop Down
    LA CS Lights Foley Bell 3
    LA CS Lights ZIVI DF BGlitch8 G
    LA CS Lights SynthLoop Trap Me A min
    LA CS Lights Synth OneShot Phonoff G maj
    LA CS Lights 140 Bass Loop Demon C
    LA CS Lights Bass OneShot Lazers1 D

    David Feldman

    "Lights was inspired by modern house, trap, & bass music; heavy but with a modern melodic twist."

    Heavy With a Melodic Edge

    Blending bass music and melodic licks makes the Lights pack perfect for achieving that balance between heavyness and beauty in your productions.

    LA CS Lights Vocals HA HOUSE
    LA CS Lights RealHat 1
    LA CS Lights Kick Fav
    LA CS Lights Foley Dirt 6

    Gritty Emotion

    Inpsired by acts like Just A Gent, Snavs, STMPD, Bleu Clair, IMANU, IVORY, CURBI & of course David Feldman.

    LA CS Lights Bass OneShot FutureRiddim G min
    LA CS Lights Perc BigRoom
    LA CS Lights Computers VOX
    LA CS Lights FX Glitch Robots 3

    Unlock your wild side

    Usefull for a wide range of genres. These could be the sounds you're missing for your next track!!

    LA CS Lights Hat Xo
    LA CS Lights Drum Hit Dub Snare
    LA CS Lights Drum Hit Nice Clap

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