Virtual - Neo-trance Sample Pack

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Virtual is a pack inspired by genres like Trance, Neo-Trance, 90's House music and Jungle, recently popularized by the likes of Virtual Self, Teneki, Sublab, & 4RUNNR. Everything in this pack is 100% Royalty Free, allowing you to use these sounds in any way you see fit, while the pack was created with these genres in mind, creatives should have no hard time fitting them into anything that needs an electronic edge.

Virtual Sample Pack Specs:

  • 412 Total Samples
  • 69 Drums
  • 20 Melodic Loops + Stems
  • & more
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Total size: 1.89 GB

Listen to the demo

Preview sounds from the Virtual Pack

LA Virtual Voyage C 160
LA Virtual Drum Loop 8 155
LA Virtual Dreams D 145 JP6K SYNTH
LA Virtual Drum Loop 3 125
LA Virtual Sad Em 120
LA Virtual Downlifter 5 X
LA Virtual Break 10 160
LA Virtual Acid C 130
LA Virtual Impact 4


Electric melodies & Infectious Arpegiations, full reification, while still innovating a rarely modernized sound.

LA Virtual Break 2 170
LA Virtual Drum Loop 5 85
LA Virtual Drum Loop 15 120
LA Virtual Build Up 4 140

Modern Nostalgia

Inspired by the sonics of Virtual Self, Teneki, Sublab & 4RUNNR, the Virtual Sample Pack will send you into a journey of modern nostalgia just browsing through sounds.

LA Virtual Techno Boom G 128
LA Virtual Spectral E 160
LA Virtual Eons C 160
LA Virtual Vocal 1 G 120


Despite the Virtual Sample Pack being created with Trance, Neo-Trance, 90's House Music & Jungle in mind, this pack has a vast list of use cases that allow you a ton of flexibility in any style you wish to pursue.

LA Virtual Hard Kick 2 G
LA Virtual SYNTH 33 C
LA Virtual Clap 10
LA Virtual Hi-Rez Break Fill 128
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