Silver Veil

Silver Veil’s expansive library of 411 samples, weighing in at 1.20 gigabytes, provides you with modern and hybrid trap-inspired sounds and samples. Drawing from the works of many Sable Valley artists and the adjacent scene, create unique and cutting-edge tracks that keep up with the ever-evolving music industry. With over 20 kicks, 30 snares, 20 claps, 11 drop loops and more, you have all the tools you need to make your production stand out.

Utilize the royalty-free sample pack in any commercial or personal project with no limitations.

This pack contains a diverse range of sounds that can be used for any purpose. Containing an extensive array of sounds, this pack is versatile and can be used for any purpose.

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Indulge in the Splendor of the Silver Veil

LA SV Kick 5
Vocal Shot Whoa 1
LA SV Snare 24
LA SV Synth Oneshot Noise Pluck A
LA SV 808 15 F
LA SV 808 22 C
LA SV Synth Oneshot Skid X
LA SV Synth Oneshot Mini Swipe C
LA SV Snare 19
LA SV Build Loadstar 125
LA SV FX Fill Colorful D m 140

Drop Loops

Its all about hard hitting and groovy production with this collection, the foundation for a good track is good drums!

Drop Loop Loadstar G Phyrgian 125
Drop Loop Sands Dm 128
Drop Loop Destiny E Phrygian 150
Drop Loop Plucker Dm 130

Melody Loops

cutting-edge musical elements designed to infuse your compositions with the raw energy and signature sound of EDM Heavyweights.

Melody Loop Sheppherd Fm 160
iMPTRO Lead Fm 160
Spaceout Fm 160
Bellorina Bell Fm 160

One Shots

Leverage the extra sauce provided by one shots in bringing your ideas to fruition.

Bass Oneshot Horn G
Bass Oneshot Destroy E
Snare 12
808 5 C

Vocals & Effects

Vocal Loops, One Shots & Effects!

Vocal Loop TAKI 140
Vocal Phrase What U Gon Do
Vocal Phrase Stay Fly
Vocal Shot Go 2